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Please complete the payment process below and then send the required materials to peace@dharma.media with your payment ID included. We will send you the mixed/mastered track via email within five business days. You may request edits twice, but generally artists are satisfied with the initial result.

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  1. Send only the audio files that you want included in the mix.
  2. All tracks need to be continuous individual files and need to begin at the same start-time.
  3. All tracks you prepare need to have your mix plugins removed unless you have tracks with specific sound design elements. (Example: Creative EQs, Creative Distortion, etc.)
  4. If you have sound-design effects that rely on live plugins, render those as a separate audio file.
  5. Name your tracks clearly (Example: Kick, Snr, HH, OH, Sub, Main Lead, etc.)
  6. Time correct & pitch correct (tune) your tracks beforehand.
  7. Clean your tracks beforehand. (Example: trim and clean any audio clips that have unwanted noise)
  8. Ensure each track has a spacious amount of headroom and no clipping.
  9. Format: 44.1 Khz; 24bit WAV Files.
  10. All stems need to be in a folder titled as follows: ArtistName_TrackTitle_bpm (example: JayBlue_WithYou_135bpm).


  • 1 or 2 reference tracks.  
  • A rough mix you have done previously.
  • A document with specific instructions if needed.